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Using Your Account in ContractZen

  1. Quick Start Guide

  2. What is the SmartIndex and how to use it?

  3. How to use Boolean search operators?

  4. I need help with the service/ I have something to ask from the ContractZen team/ I am having problems with the service, how do I get help?

  5. How does the e-Signing work and what is the pricing?

  6. How to e-Sign documents and meetings?

  7. How to create and use a Virtual Data Room (Basic & Pro version)?

  8. Can I hide document metadata fields and make them mandatory for the users to fill in?

  9. How to enable Microsoft 365 Outlook calendar synchronization?

  10. What is a Virtual Data Room and how much does it cost?

  11. How to change date order (for example, from Day/Month/Year to Month/Day/Year)?

  12. How to delete documents' and meetings' contacts?

  13. Can I add email conversations to ContractZen?

  14. How to use the Access Groups add-on feature?

  15. Who can be added as an attendee in a meeting?

  16. How to manage multiple accounts?

  17. How to create Custom Metadata Fields?

  18. How to edit access rights?

  19. How to add documents to your ContractZen account?

  20. How do I invite other users to join my ContractZen account?

  21. How do I edit the user list when an employee leaves the company?

  22. How to send a reminder about the missing eSignatures to the signers?

  23. How to add my company's VAT ID to my account?

  24. How to organize documents with Common Tags in a Virtual Data Room?

  25. I have forgotten my User ID.

  26. How to use board portal tools (Agenda, My Notes, Review & Final)?

  27. How can I change my email address?

  28. The documents sent to inbox are not encoded correctly

  29. How to see a report of which documents are signed?

  30. Signatures made with Visma Sign are not shown in the browser's PDF viewer

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