How to manage multiple accounts?

Typically our bigger customers create different accounts for all of their companies (parent company and subsidiaries). It makes sure that all users will only see their company’s documents. Also, the user rights are extremely straightforward and easy to use. A user can also belong to multiple accounts. If you are in more than one account, you can easily change the account from the dropdown menu (see screenshot below).

Another option is to use an additional feature/user rights called Access Groups. In that case, you would just need one account. You add users to the groups, and when adding a document, you select that to which group does it belong to. If a user belongs to only one group, all documents will automatically go to that group (so it’s very simple for the subsidiary company users). So, only the ones that belong to multiple accounts need to be sure that the documents go to the correct one. The access groups are priced separately, 430€/$490 per year.

The choice between creating different account for each company and using the access groups, pretty much depends on how many users you have that would need to access more than one account. As each user costs, it might be cheaper to use the access groups. But then again, with the access groups you need to be very careful when managing it (users and documents). It might be easier that everyone are in their own accounts.

Also, we are preparing an enterprise plan that will include a feature where your parent company manages the daughter companies (and parent’s users have access to daughter companies). It will also include many other features (API, Access Groups, branding etc). We are planning to publish it in Q3 2020.

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