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How do I invite other users to join my ContractZen account?

If you are the company’s Administrator for the ContractZen account, you can invite your colleagues to join the company’s ContractZen account. Simultaneously with the invitation, you can choose the relevant user rights for the new user. Just follow these steps:

  1. Click your profile picture.

  2. Click ‘Account’.

  3. Click ‘Add User’.

  4. Enter the user’s first and last name and email address.

  5. Choose and set the user rights from the Category Access Rights for this new user – the categories are: Contracts, Finance & Admin, HR, Board Meetings, Shareholders’ Meetings, Other Meetings, Entity Management and Transfer Pricing.

    Default setting for all categories is 'No Access'. Please choose the access level for each category. For example, if the user is only allowed to work with basic contracts, only choose ‘Contracts’ (Full access or Read Only). Related to Contracts, you'll see Contract Type Rights just below the Category Access Rights table. Please click all the relevant types for this user you are about to add. You can also give access to Confidential Materials and eSigning. After the user has accepted the invite, you can give Invitation rights and Administrator rights.

  6. When ready, click ‘Send’. An invitation will then be sent to this new user to the email address you entered above.

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