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How to e-Sign documents and meetings?

We have integrated five different e-Signature service providers into our service: Assently (, Adobe Sign (, DocuSign (, SignHero ( and Visma Sign ( Note: Only in Nordic countries). 

If you want to use Assently, first you will need to buy signatures from our in-app Store. Click your profile picture in the upper right corner and then Store. You can choose a pre-paid e-Signature package (10 documents, no time limit (except if your subscription with ContractZen ends), unlimited number of signatures) or a subscription (5, 25, 50 or 100 documents per month, unlimited number of signatures). Then just click whatever suits you the best and you can start e-Signing! Note: You have to add your credit card details before buying.

If you want to use Adobe Sign, DocuSign SignHero or Visma Sign, you need to have an Adobe ID (, DocuSign account (, SignHero account ( or Visma Sign account ( You also need to buy signatures directly from these providers. After that, you can connect your existing account to your ContractZen account. Go to our in-app Store and under Adobe Sign, DocuSign, SignHero or Visma Sign click Connect. Then you are ready to start e-Signing! Afterwards, you can also disconnect your account or connect another one.
Please note: Adobe requires that you subscribe to the Adobe Sign Enterprise Plan in order to use it with ContractZen.

Connect your existing Adobe Sign or Visma Sign account.

Send documents for signing.

Choose the e-Signature service provider.

You can start the e-Sign process either from the dashboard or from the document or meeting you want to e-Sign, just click Send for Signature. If you start if from the dashboard, then fill the details of the signers and upload the document(s) you want to sign. If you want to use Assently, choose the signature type you want to use (Sign by touch or by SMS) and click Send For Signature with Assently. If you want to use Adobe Sign or DocuSign, check the box "Customize document before sending" if you want to choose the place for the signatures or add custom fields, then just click Send For Signature. When using Visma Sign, you need to use your local banking codes or mobile ID to sign the document. 
All the signers will receive an email and they should follow the instructions given in the email. You can watch how many have already signed the document from e-Signing Manage. Once everyone has signed you can import the signed document to ContractZen. Please note that you cannot import the signed document to an existing meeting or document if you start the signing process from the dashboard.

If you want to sign a document or a meeting that is already in ContractZen, then click Send for Signature straight from that specific document. The signers' info will be filled automatically. The signature process will be the same but you can check the status of signatures from that specific document page in ContractZen. After it's signed, you can find the signed document from that same page as the original document.

Please note: You cannot add or remove signers after the process has started and the signature has been sent. In that case, the only option is to cancel the signature and start a new one.

Signing status.

Language of the e-sign emails
When signing with Assently, the language in the emails sent to the recipients depends on your user language chosen in ContractZen. If your language is English, then the Assently emails sent to the recipients are English as well. The language can be chosen between English and Finnish.
When signing with Adobe Sign or DocuSign, you can choose the language of the emails sent to the recipients in the customization editor (check the box Customize document before sending).

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