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How to use the Access Groups add-on feature?

If you need to have more detailed access control for your contracts, meetings or entities, you can purchase our add-on feature Access Groups. Your account administrator can find more info in the in-app Store.

When the feature is enabled, your admin can create as many groups as you like and name them freely (e.g. according to legal entities, countries or business units). It can be done in the Account page.

Here are some instructions how to use them (note that you need to be an admin to create and edit the groups in the Account page):

When you want to create new access groups (or edit or delete them), go to the Account page, then choose Edit Access Groups. After you have created them, you can select the users to the groups by editing a group. However, you can also add users to the groups by going to edit their access rights in the Edit users and access rights page. Of course, when you invite a new user, you can also select the access groups for them. 

Please note that you cannot delete the Default group (or change its name) for technical reasons. If you don’t want to use that group, we suggest you keep only your admin in that group (so no one else will see it). 

Once you have added the groups, go to edit/add a contract, meeting or entity. You’ll find the access group selection in the top right corner of the edit page. Then, users will only see their own group's contracts, meetings or entities.

If you want to take the Access Groups function into use, please contact us by email (support(at)

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