How to create and use a Virtual Data Room (Basic & Pro version)?

1. You can create a Virtual Data Room (VDR) by clicking Manage under Datarooms in the left side menu. Please note that you need to be an admin to create a data room. Then click Create New Dataroom.

Creating a data room.

2. Now you can choose if you want to create a Basic or a Pro version (above screenshot). Please check here to see what is the difference between those versions. Type the name of the data room, a description if needed and choose the suitable version. If you choose Basic, then your data room will be created. If you choose Pro, you can create Access Groups before creating the data room. You can also edit and create access groups afterwards. Then just purchase the data room.

3. Now you can start adding documents to the data room. Please note that you need to add the documents first to your main account (check here to learn how to add documents to ContractZen). After that, you can add the documents from your main account to your data room. Now you can add all of your main account's documents to the data room, but you can also add them by category or every document separately.

4. When you go to Manage your data room, you can add documents by category. So, you can add, for example, all documents from Contracts category by going to Dataroom Documents=>Contracts=>click Add or Update all Contracts. You can also add documents separately by going to your main account. Go to the category's Search View from which you want to add the documents. Select the documents and then click Add Selected to Dataroom at the bottom of the page. Please note that you need to be an admin in the data room to be able to add documents to the VDR (and have access rights to the categories). You can also add documents one by one if you open a document and click the VDR Toolbox on the right side.
We suggest you add only PDF documents to the data room.

Pro VDR User Management page.

5. When the documents have been added to the data room, you need to invite the users. Go to Manage the data room, and click User Management (you will see the above screen). Then just invite the users with the access rights you want. If you have a Pro version, you need to add the users to the Access Groups. In the User Management page, you can add, edit and remove the access groups. If you have a Basic version, you don't need to think about the access groups, just invite the users with the access rights you want.

6. In the Basic version, everything is now set. In the Pro version, the access groups need to have access to the documents. So, go to Dataroom Documents, select the documents and grant access to the selected documents (for the access groups that you choose). This needs to be done in every category separately (check the below screenshot). Once the access rights to the documents have been granted, everything is done in the Pro version as well. Now you can click the data room's name and see how the data room looks like for the invited users.

Pro VDR Document Management page.

7. The use of the data room for the users is really easy and straightforward. They can search the documents using the same features as in the main account: Folder View (below screenshot), Search View and header search bar. In addition, the users can also use Index View (check here on how to use the Common Tags and Index View). The users can mark the documents as Reviewed and Favourite. PDF files can be downloaded if the feature is enabled (please check below how to enable/disable it). Other files can be downloaded normally (we cannot prevent that). The users will see only the documents (and categories) they have access rights to. There is also Q&A section so that the users can ask questions from the admins of the data room or add comments. An email notification of the comments will be sent to admins and all users in that specific access group.

Virtual Data Room Folder View (the page that VDR users see).

Please note that the data rooms are totally different accounts and entities. You need to invite users to the data rooms separately. Also, if you delete a document from your main account, it is not removed from your data room, and vice versa. 

Virtual Data Room Index View.

In the data room's Manage page, you can go to Reporting. There you can see Active users by day, Top 5 documents by group and Audit log. In the Settings page, you can change the name and description of the data room, and you can also enable or disable PDF file download and print. It is disabled by default.

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