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How to organize documents with Common Tags in a Virtual Data Room?

The Common Tags are very useful when organizing a virtual data room. Common tags are common for every category (contracts and meetings) in your organization. So you can use them, for example, to index your documents. Tag a contract with common tag 1.2.3. and you can use that same tag in a meeting or in an HR document. 

If you want to index your documents or meetings with Common tags or Custom Types (for example, 1.1. & 1.2. etc.), we suggest you add zero to every index's beginning (01.1, 02.2., 03.3, 09.9, 10.1, 11.1 etc.). In all of our different views, the ordering of the tags is done in the traditional Sort by-method (same as in Folder based systems) and it won't organize the numbers after 10 correctly unless a zero is used in the beginning. If you want to use hundreds in the indexing, you will need to add two zeros in the beginning (001.1, 005.5, 15.5, 100.3) and so on.
Alternatively, you can use the alphabets to organize the material with the Common Tags (see the below screenshot).

We have created By Common Tags View in the virtual data room. It shows all the materials in the data room indexed according to the Common Tags. It is very useful if you need to organize your documents according to a certain index (for example, in audit situations). The users of the data room can access the documents very easily when all the material is organized like this. You can also use the List View where all material is categorized according to their categories.

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