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Can I add email conversations to ContractZen?

Email conversations can be uploaded to ContractZen. You can create a new item (contract, meeting etc.) by sending email to inbox(at) Every attachment of the email will be added to the item but it will also create a PDF file from the whole email conversation. Just click the inbox icon in the header and you will find the emails you have sent. If you have multiple accounts that you belong to, you can choose the account that you want to add the email to. Just choose the account from the upper right corner, next to your profile picture and then go to inbox. Please note that you have to send the email from the same email address you use to sign in to ContractZen.

Adding email messages to existing contracts can be done as well. Drag the email message from your email client (for instance, Outlook) to your desktop and then just add that file to the existing contract you want to add it to. Please note that you'll need to drag the file first to your desktop, you cannot drag it straight from your email client to ContractZen.

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