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Can I add new metadata fields?

Yes! If you feel that there is something critical missing from our current set of metadata fields, you can create your own fields to track the information specific to your organization.

The created custom fields can be used in the search filters, we create automatically folders for them, and they are visible in the Virtual Data Rooms. You can create different types of fields (text, date, number, multiselect or radio button) and choose the categories they are used in. 

This premium feature can be purchased and taken into use in our in-app Store.
  1. Visit the in-app Store for additional information and pricing (please note that you need to be an administrator).
  2. Contact us via email (support(at) and let us know you are interested. We will give you a demo if you wish.
  3. After we have enabled the feature for you, click your profile picture in the upper right corner and choose Account.
  4. Choose Manage Custom Fields.
  5. Create 1-3 new fields and select their settings.
  6. The fields are instantly visible and usable in the selected categories.

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