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Do you offer Full Text Search/OCR?

Yes, we do! As you know, ContractZen uses metadata-driven storage and search technologies which are far superior to traditional folder-based systems.

But there are moments when you need to search something that is not tagged. Like certain clauses within contracts or a special project, person or product. As we aim to provide our clients the best that new technologies can offer, we started to examine what benefits Microsoft Cognitive Search and namely their Machine Vision technologies could bring.

You can now enjoy the unique combination of metadata-based filtering and full-text search (FTS) with OCR to quickly find everything you need.

Your Account Administrator can enable FTS and OCR on the Account Settings page (click your profile picture in the upper right corner, click Acccount and Edit Settings). Go ahead and try it now!

Also, you can use Boolean operators: AND, OR, NOT, *, (), "". Read more at

We bet you cannot lose a document inside of ContractZen even if you try!

Please note, in order to actually utilize the Full-Text Search/OCR, the documents need to be indexed programmatically. However, the text that is extracted from the indexing, is stored to Azure Cognitive Search service and the data cannot be retrieved from the search index. They only return the results to our service (it shows that in which documents the text was found). So, the whole indexing is done by Microsoft Azure and we as service providers/developers can never see the results so you can be confident about the security of your documents.

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