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What makes ContractZen so unique and awesome?

ContractZen Offers Superior Simplicity Through Technological Advantage

The cutting edge technologies combined with ease of use are the secret sauce behind our service. ContractZen is a revolutionary all-in-one cloud service for better corporate governance. The service includes metadata-driven contract management, all-digital board portal, easy and secure e-signatures & built-in data rooms (VDR) for a fraction of the price compared to alternative solutions.

Our solution helps company executives around the world to improve operational efficiency, compliance and corporate governance. ContractZen enables companies of all sizes to be due diligence ready every day – easier than ever before.

Technological Advantage

ContractZen is a global cloud solution built on Microsoft Azure's Platform-as-a-Service. The solution is divided into multiple loosely coupled services according to the single responsibility principle, such as the ASP.NET MVC web application, the API Platform, the Azure Search and the global NoSQL document services.

Dynamic metadata allows organizations of all sizes to leverage ContractZen in the most effective way possible. ContractZen's innovative usage of NoSQL databases lets the solution store diverse documents in a schemaless manner, and letting the ContractZen engine attach meaning to the documents and contractual information in post-processing.

Planet-scale data availability is made possible through using Microsoft Azure CosmosDB, a globally distributed, multi-model database. The ContractZen engine enables intelligent balancing through logical and physical partitioning, letting the application scale throughput and storage across any geographic regions both elastically and independently.

Module-specific scaling guarantees that ContractZen is always reachable. The solution robustness is based on the separation of concerns (SoC) between the delivery of business logic results and the required background processing. This is implemented via routing computable payloads through internal API Platform using Azure Service Bus for messaging to the serverless Azure Function processors.

Latest technologies in serverless and pay-per-second cloud computing are utilized to allocate technical resources in an optimal manner, thus enabling the service to offer the greatest cost efficiency to its customers.

ContractZen integrates with various best-of-breed 3rd party solutions to handle such responsibilities as payments (Stripe), customer support (UserVoice) and messaging (SendGrid), and also to cooperate with various business partners to offer joint services to clients. ContractZen offers embedded and streamlined capability to do e-Signatures through selected providers, like Adobe Sign, Assently, DocuSign, SignHero (FREE eSigning) and Visma Sign. ContractZen offers secured interface endpoints through standard RESTful APIs to validated partners.

World-Class Security

ContractZen runs on Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform. Azure servers are located in the Netherlands with the strong EU data privacy laws. Microsoft Cloud meets key international and industry-specific compliance standards, such as ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27018, FedRAMP, and SOC 1 and SOC 2. They also meet regional and country-specific standards and contractual commitments, including the EU Model Clauses, UK G-Cloud, Singapore MTCS, and Australia CCSL (IRAP). Read more about Microsoft Azure Security.

The SQL database uses the Azure SQL Database built-in Transparent Data Encryption, which uses AES-256 symmetric encryption to encrypt all data files. (Read more on TDE:

Azure Cosmos DB NoSQL database is encrypted at rest by default by using AES-256. (Read more:

All connections to both databases are also encrypted in transit with TLS (Transport Layer Security, the same protocol used when accessing any website over HTTPS).

Files uploaded by users are stored in Azure Storage, which has encryption enabled at rest, which also uses AES-256. In addition, the files are encrypted with AES before upload by using keys that are specific to a user’s organization.

All data on the platform is stored across multiple redundant hardware clusters and geo-replicated to an additional data center region to ensure continuity of services. Data is continuously backed up to enable point-in-time restores.

Why Should You Choose ContractZen?

Design focus in user experience. Praised user interface –> people will enjoy using it (vs. traditional complex corporate software).
• By using the latest technologies, we have created a unique all-in-one metadata-driven SaaS-service.
Ready-to-use immediately - no installation or technical implementation projects. Requires minimal amount of training for the users.
• Paying customers in Europe, North America, South America and Asia from big corporations to small start-ups with no industry limits.
No IT project. No need for long lasting and expensive consultation projects as you can start using the service right away. Open a trial account here. It is free for 30 days with no strings attached or credit card needed.
Disruptive pricing that fits companies of all sizes. The per user pricing model supports agile implementation. Our pricing information can be found here.
• Touch and mobile optimized so you can access your most important documents wherever and whenever.

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