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What does metadata-driven service actually mean and how does it help you?

In our metadata-driven service, the information is stored based on WHAT it is rather than WHERE it is. When information is categorized by its metadata, contract and document management become a lot easier, information more accessible and the search capabilities far better than in traditional folder based storage systems.

Metadata are all the properties or descriptive information that you can tag to a document (e.g. type, parties, contact person, starting and expiry dates). ContractZen includes some predefined document categories which also represent different access right levels. These main document categories are Contracts, HR, Finance & Admin, Other Documents and Transfer Pricing. Under these categories, ContractZen uses contract types and other metadata to help you save, find and remember everything faster than in the old-fashioned systems. We have created many easy-to-use metadata fields you can use right away. Additionally, you can customize the metadata with our Custom Types and Common Tags fields. With the custom tags, you can categorize the documents, for example, according to teams, projects, areas or anything you like. Here is an article about these tags in our FAQ:

Metadata of a contract.

One of the benefits of metadata-driven information handling is the extremely easy way to find information. In a traditional folder-based system, the document would only be found in that one single folder it was added to. In ContractZen, when you add documents to the service and tag them with the metadata, the system automatically shows the documents in all relevant folders (e.g. in customer, project, team, type, etc. folders). This way ContractZen’s Folder View is an enhanced version of the traditional folder system. In addition, you can create predefined searches using metadata and the Saved Search feature, which enables you to create an instant access to the documents you need most often.

Folder View in Contracts category.

Search View Filters. A unique way to filter your contracts and find what you are looking for. Easy to use with tablet and mobile as well.

Please note: We also offer Full-Text Search and OCR powered by Microsoft AI Platform! Please check more here:

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