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Can I customize/add new contract types? How to use Custom types and Common tags?

If the contract types are not suitable for your needs, you can customize them by using custom types (tags). So, the permanent types cannot be changed but the custom types work just the same. Most companies have their unique needs so you can use those custom types just as the permanent ones. Custom types will also create folders in the Folder view and you can use them as filters in the Search view so there is no difference between custom types and the permanent types. Naturally, you can create just as many custom types as you want and name them just as you want (for example, according to a certain project or a team). Custom types are visible for only that category where you have added it to.

In addition to custom types, you can also use common tags. As custom types are defined per category, common tags are common for every category (contracs and meetings) in your organization. So you can use them, for example, to index your documents. Tag a contract with common tag 1.2.3. and you can use that same tag in a meeting or in an HR document. 

If you want to index your documents or meetings with Common tags or Custom Types (for example, 1.1. & 1.2. etc.), we suggest you add zero to every indexs' beginning (01.1, 02.2., 03.3, 09.9, 10.1, 11.1 etc.). In the Folder view the ordering of the tags is done in the traditional Sort by-method (same as in Folder based systems) and it won't organize the numbers after 10 correctly unless a zero is used in the beginning. If you want to use hundreds in the indexing, you will need to add two zeros in the beginning (001.1, 005.5, 15.5, 100.3) and so on. Also, you can use the alphabets to index your documents (e.g. A. Sales Contracts, B. NDAs, C. Board Meetings etc).

When you want to create new Custom Types or Common Tags, simply go to edit (or create) a contract, and type a new tag under those fields. Note! If you cannot create new Custom Types or Common Tags, your account administrator has most likely disabled the feature for you. Ask them to enable the creation in the user access rights.

Tip: If you would like to have certain set of tags available for your users to choose from, (even if no actual document has the tag yet) you can create one sample document which could have the main type "Template" and add all the tags you would like to have. This way if some tags are not set to any document (except the template document), the users can still see all those preset tags.

Please note: Common tags are visible for every user in your account, even if they don't have user rights to all categories.

Please note also: When you create a common tag in a document category (Contracts, Finance & Admin, HR, Other or Transfer Pricing), that tag will not be visible in any meeting category (Board, Shareholders, Other, Executive) until you take it into use in a meeting. This also works vice versa. This functionality is because we want to reduce excessive information i.e. we hide redundant info until you really need it.

PS. Note that when you create custom types or common tags, it will create a new folder in the folder view (see below screenshot).

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