How can materials from board and other meetings be managed more efficiently and securely?

The common way of managing board meeting invitations and materials is good old email. However, it is now 2020 and surely there must be a better way to handle this. Luckily, there is ContractZen’s All Digital Meeting Management.

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Here are three reasons why your board should communicate in ways other than just email:

  • Emails are most often unprotected, which is a risk as board topics can be sensitive and highly confidential.
  • Your inbox is not as safe as you think, (nosy) admins can have unauthorized access.
  • When using emails for internal board discussions, it can afterwards be tricky to find a certain discussion (such as the background for a particular decision that was made) from your busy inbox.

By using ContractZen’s unique digital meeting service, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Organizing the meeting and managing the meeting minutes digitally will save you and your organization time and money.
  • You have all meeting information, materials and meeting minutes stored in one safe place.
  • You can follow a chosen topic, discussions and decisions related to it with the help of easy-to-use tagging.
  • You can find any piece of meeting information in seconds. No more time wasted in searching for e.g. board decisions from the past years.
  • You can easily share chosen materials with your auditor or other third party with the help of built-in Datarooms (VDR). 
  • With all this, you’ll have a peace of mind and your organization is in due diligence shape, everyday!

ContractZen cloud service is secure and out of reach of, for example, your company’s IT personnel. All attachments are encrypted and cannot be opened by anyone other than a person with assigned access to your company ContractZen Board Meetings.

ContractZen Board Meeting Management

Certain company meetings are legally mandated. Board meetings and shareholders’ meetings create an audit trail that is as important as your contracts. One common set of questions often asked is what was decided, by whom and based on what material?

We help you to manage these meetings by offering all digital meeting management. With our unique service, you can:

  • schedule the meeting, 
  • create agenda (including Meeting Book-feature
  • create my notes (every attendee can create their own notes)
  • the secretary of the meeting can create minutes draft for attendees' review
  • the secretary can create final minutes for eSignature
  • every attendee can download and print the minutes
Our all digital meeting management covers the entire process from scheduling of the meeting to the digital signing of the minutes. Manage your board and executive meetings easily for improved work efficiency!

Please note: Every attendee of the meeting should be invited to the account before adding them as attendees (and the users should accept the invites). The service is designed so that all the meeting attendees are users in your ContractZen account.

Using Your Account in ContractZen

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