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I want to have a backup of my data, is it possible?

Yes, it is!
If you want to have a backup of your data delivered to you, please contact us. After receiving your request, we will ensure that you really want to have your documents delivered to you (and that they will be delivered to the correct person). Security is very important to us and we want to be sure that no one else is trying to access your data.

We will deliver your data (files and the metadata) to you electronically in a structured form. Basically, it will be a Zip file which your account admin can download (you can choose if it’s password protected or not). In the file, the first level of folders are the categories (Contracts, HR, Board Meetings, Entity Management etc), then all the contracts/meetings/entities are in their own folders which include all the attachments of that specific contract and the metadata as a json file.
As it causes some expenses to us to create and deliver the package, the price for the delivery is 75€ / $85 + VAT. However, if you stop using our service, we will deliver the package to you for free.

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