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How to install ContractZen's Teams app?

With the ContractZen Teams app, all your meeting materials, contracts and other important documents are just a click away in Microsoft Teams. You can use all ContractZen features in the Teams app: Contract Management, Board Portal, Virtual Data Rooms, eSignatures and Entity Management tool.

You can install the ContractZen for Teams app directly from the Microsoft Teams Store:
  1. Click Apps from the bottom left corner when signed into Teams.
  2. Then type “ContractZen” in the search bar, select the app and click “Add”.
  3. Choose the team where you would like to use it.
NOTE: If you can't find ContractZen from the Teams apps, contact your IT administration as they might have turned off 3rd party apps in Teams. Here are the instructions on how the admins can manage the apps in Microsoft Teams and make the ContractZen app available for you:

Please find more info about our Teams app here:

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