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What data do you read when enabling Microsoft 365 authentication or calendar integration?

From the user who is signed in with Microsoft 365 credentials, we will read the following data:
- Unique ID
- Username
- First name
- Last name
- Language

Microsoft 365 which uses Microsoft Graph API returns all the below data points when registering to the service with Microsoft 365 but we use only the above-mentioned data.
- id - Unique identifier
- userPrincipalName - Login name
- displayName - Name to display in UIs
- givenName
- surname
- jobTitle
- mail - Email address
- mobilePhone - Phone number
- officeLocation - The office location in the user's place of business.
- preferredLanguage - The user's preferred language
- businessPhones - Phone number

In addition, if you enable the Outlook calendar integration, we will create a new calendar for the user (to their Outlook calendars) and read and write appointments to that specific calendar. We will not read data from any other calendars.

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