How many different types of users can you create in your solution (e.g., administrator, read-only, etc.)?

Access rights in ContractZen are based on the categories. The access right per category can be set as Full Access, Read-only or No Access. In the Contracts category, you can give access rights also based on the Contract Types. Then there’s also Invitation Rights, Confidential Material rights, e-Signing rights and Administrator.
Please note: You can give the Administrator rights only after the user has accepted the invitation.

Below screenshot shows the access rights per user.

Note: Users cannot see the categories they don't have access rights to. For example, if a board member has access rights only to Board Meetings, that user will go straight to board meetings page when signing in, and the user will not see any other categories in their account.

PS. In case you need very detailed access control, it can be done with Access Groups. It is an additional service with an extra fee. Please see our in-app Store for more details (direct link:, please note you need to be signed in to your ContractZen account and an admin to access the store).

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