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Do you have Single Sign-On (SSO)?

We do offer SSO through Microsoft 365 and Google. So, if you have Microsoft 365 or Google credentials, you can use them to sign in to ContractZen. 

You can initially register to ContractZen service with your Microsoft 365 or Google credentials.

If you haven't signed up with the SSO, you can switch to that later on. When you are logged in, click your profile picture in the upper right corner, then click User. On this page, choose the authentication method you want to switch to: MS365 or Google.

Now you can sign in with the MS365 or Google SSO. When you are in the sign in page, just click Sign in with Microsoft 365 or Google.

Also, your account administrators can force all new users in your account to login with their Microsoft 365 or Google credentials. The admins can enable this feature in the Account-->Edit Settings.

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